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Trigger Points

Trigger points are tight bands in muscle tissue that when pressure is applied, refer pain elsewhere in the body along a predictable pattern. Studies have shown that using filiform needles to release these trigger points is a highly effective treatment. Done by mechanically breaking the dysfunctional sarcomere with a needle, "dry-needling" restores normal length to the muscle fibers, resets the neuromuscular junction and allows for the circulation of inflammatory mediators out of the surrounding tissue, providing relief from pain.

An increasing number of studies is supporting very real, measurable physiological effects that occur through the use of filiform needles to release Myofascial trigger points. Of particular interest is the research of Dr. Jay Shah at the National Institute of Health, and Jan Dommerholt, a pioneer in trigger point dry needling for chronic Myofascial pain. See below for further reading:

Trigger Points - Dr. Jeff Schoenheit, L.Ac. in New York, NY

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