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Motor Points

Motor Muscle Inhibition (alpha-motor neuron muscle inhibition) is when the nerve that sends the impulse to contract a muscle becomes unable to function at its optimal capacity due to chemical or physical trauma (La Pera, 2001). This results in perceived weakness of that muscle which changes the biomechanics of the entire region.

  • Muscle Inhibition causes changed/adapted movement patterns
  • Adapted movement causes joint dysfunction
  • Dysfunction leads to pain and inflammation

Motor point acupuncture involves needling into the neuromuscular junction and stimulating the needle with a light electrical current, either point by point in short bursts, or with continuous current for a period of 5-15 minutes. Tight and painful muscles can relax and feel better immediately, and lax inhibited muscles can be restored to optimal function. Often the results of treatment will not be fully apparent until the following day, and some soreness after treatment is normal.

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